Good lord

It took five working days to clear down all the unreads in my ! I am now informed and up to date.
So tonight it’s time to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Do we go to see the plot? The special effects? No. We don’t even go to see it for Keira. (Well…) We go to see Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate, rogue, rum drinker and inspiration to us all. May he lead us astray, afloat and amused.
Oh, and as for this weekend, interlopers beware! We have a !
Now, I know what you’re thinking… This doesn’t seem to resemble the missing entries on Egypt at all, does it. Well, I do have an excuse, I just won’t bore you with it.
Now, just before my trip to Germany I went to the (link to pictures) in Hyde Park with Tim and Alex and a good time indeed it was! I mainly went to see Massive Attack and DJ Shadow, in that order of preference, but these things never go how you’d expect. It turns out that even though I missed the last 10-15 minutes of the set, DJ Shadow really was the best show in town, even despite the comedy stereotypical rappers for part of the set. The pleasant surprise was by which was very enjoyable indeed. was somewhat predictably fluffy, despite whacking up the bass and volume for the one track everyone actually knows. The Flaming Lips were fun with their bizarre stage set and their comedy cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Damien Marley proved that he was jammin’, he was jammin’, he was jammin’ to his dad’s music mostly. I’m glad I got to see , but a) I was too far away to really feel it and b) the field was full of people who got free tickets and thought they’d have a look-see at a band they’d heard of and then spent the time nattering to their mates. Such a shame for the headline act to be ruined so. Overall though I’m really glad I got to go and was thrilled to get to go with Tim and Alex, even though they mostly made me feel like a musical dunce once their awesome combined knowledge of all things musical was unleashed.