The End of Germany

Germany is out of the World Cup and we’re nearly at the end of our stay here. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On our way north we decided to visit the beautiful old universty town of , including a trip up to the castle. A very nice town indeed. And such a contrast tour next stop, the concrete jungle of . It was not out of some sense of completion that we ventured here, but rather that we visiting some of Andy’s friends from , Irene and Daniel, who at the end of the day very kindly fed us whiskey and put us up on their floor as we had not managed to find a for the night.

The next day we had a good early start, following the Rhein north, with a stop-off in for the cathedral and an open air pool in the forest for a cool off as it was a 33°C day and we were roasting! We ended up staying at the excellent Youth hostel in the tiny Bad Marienberg (a nightmare to find) where they treated us excellently and we watched the expulsion of the German team from the World Cup.

Next morning we were up bright and early to go to , renowned for it’s impressive cathedral. After some sightseeing we once again met up with one of Andy’s ODP friends, Chris, who started to to show us around her city, but we were rudely interrupted by the return performance of the infernal weather machine of the as the skies opened and immense amounts of water fell to the earth. So we interrupted the tour to go and have some Thai food in a restaurant.

Andy’s feeling a little tender today, due to the post-dinner cocktails which seemed to present themselves, but we should be okay to climb the spire of the cathedral today. And tomorrow… the Netherlands.