Changeling – Rehashing the Press Release and other White Wolf commentary

So, got released at GenCon last week (no reviews yet and I’m not sure I’m tempted), and decide to take the opportunity to make the following announcement:

White Wolf is proud to announce the “5th Game” for World of Darkness will be Changeling!

As envisioned by developer Ethan Skemp, fans can look forward to a complex setting where your character faces new challenges and dangers not seen before in the World of Darkness.

When asked to describe this latest addition to the White Wolf’s product line, Ethan said, “Changeling is a game of beauty and cruelty, of passion and loss, of dreams and madness. You have struggled your way back through the thorns only to find your life had been stolen from you. Now you make your way the best you can, attempting to piece together the fragments of your life or to forge a new one, chasing your ambition through the intrigues of the chageling courts and freeholds, and always looking over your shoulder lest the Others, the true Fae, return for you.”
As additional details are released in the next twelve months, information will be posted for fans and retailers to share at

There you have it, will be back in Summer 2007. While it had potential I never really got on spectacularly well. I thought it had holes you could drive trucks through, concept-wise, and never really properly fitted in to the World of Darkness concept. And now we have five ‘species’ of supernatural in the NWoD: Vampires, Mages, Werewolves, Prometheans and finally Changelings. And you just know the product for 2008 will be Wraith: The Relaunch. And then? Well, there’s still the Demon: The Fallen and Mummy range they launched and re-launched, respectively, just before canning the WoD. Does the world really need so much? Is it profitable for WW? One would hope that if they’re going to release so much product that they’re actually making some profit out of it.

Of all the products release recently the ones I liked most were actually generic or semi-generic products. Firstly there is , a WoD book dedicated to psychics and non-awakened mortal wielders of powers arcane. Quite well balanced and very easy for me to slot into . The second one is a recent release, namely . The ‘Shadows’ range is intended to be focussed on a region, with a weighting towards one supernatural group, but with lots of generic information and info about the activities about the other supernaturals. The title in question is, of course, dedicated to the UK and weighted towards the werewolf side of things. The little snippets of story ideas and info about the other supernaturals in here is very good and, highly unusually, good enough to at times lift it verbatim and only screw around with it a little bit. I think the next in the range will be Shadows of Mexico which will have a vampire weighting. Less use to my campaign, but probably worth a look anyway.