"People who have nothing to hide – why would they worry?"

Schools in fingerprinting row

Tens of thousands of children are being fingerprinted in school – often without the consent of their parents, a human rights group has complained. Prints are taken for a library lending system which the makers say makes lending more efficient and less vulnerable to abuse.

Manufacturers MLS’s technology director Stephen Phillips said:] “People who have nothing to hide – why would they worry?”

[The] government’s information commissioner does not believe the system is breaking any laws or conventions. Assistant to the commissioner, Phil Boyd said: “It is not in breach of the data protection act and it does not contravene the human rights act.”

So there you go, children being fingerprinted to protect library books and that wonderful quote of all quotes “You don’t have anything to worry about if you’ve nothing to hide” that still gets trotted out whenever anybody raises any concerns of any kind. How about this: If I’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got no business infringing my privacy.