Sno – boarding

Well, the weekend was spent up in Milton Keynes. We stayed with Stu and Sam, who kindly fed, watered and housed us for the weekend. In between playing games, watching Serenity and generally hanging out, Penny and I went to SnoZone in Xscape to brush up on our mad snowboarding skillz!
At first sight, the SnoZone is very impressive; imagine a big aircraft hangar with a decent slope and real snow. There’s a teaching slope and 1-2 regular slopes, as well as jumps, ramps and a very narrow set of moguls. There was a fair bite to the air as the entire slope area was kept at snow temperature. The whole experience was quite reasonably priced, considering that you didn’t have to pay for equipment hire, often one of the most expensive parts of a ski-trip apart from the lift pass.
The first day we went, we just did two hours of recreational boarding to familiarise ourselves with the slope, to get used to the idea of being strapped to a board once more and to find out what standard we were actually at. The second day we went for a three hour fast track lesson which refined our techniques quite a bit.
Overall it was quite exhilarating and reminded us why we loved snowboarding when we first went in March 2005. We’ll definitely be coming back to the SnoZone in Autumn before going on a snowbound holiday in winter.