Camping and hiking in the New Forest

It’s been so busy at work over the last week that I never got the chance to blog our camping trip to the last weekend. An omission I aim to correct.

We started on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and salmon, before beginning our final inventory checks. And a good thing too, else we would not have noticed our missing tent pegs! From there it was off by train to Ashurst in North Hampshire. Our original plan was to walk from Ashurst to Lyndhurst, about an hour’s walk, but we were saved that particular stretch by a passing bus. From Lyndhurst then we began our trek to our camping site, on the premises of the public house. The pub is named after a piece of local history. Apparently Tyrrell was a huntsman of King William II who, while hunting deer, misshot and killed the King instead. Oops! The site is commemorated by the Rufus Stone. There are of course alternative theories and conspiracies that will keep historians arguing for ever.

Anyway, the first night’s camping was okay if a little chilly. Sunday was spent hiking around the northern New Forest, encountering wild horses, deer and all manner of fellow holiday makers. Fairly exhausted upon our return we took advantage of the fact that our camp site was adjoined to a pub and one selling at that!

Sunday we were awakened suddenly by a dramatic downpour which spurred us into action. Luckily by the time were were all packed up the rain had ceased and we managed to make good headway back to Lyndhurst for some much needed proper coffee and a decent brunch. Mmmm.. Bacon sandwich!

And that was that! Very mcuh enjoyed, though next time (Spring?) we’re looking to go to the Lake District.