Flickr Geotagging

From Wired’s :

Photo sharing site has added a very cool new feature: geotagging. Flickr users can now attach specific place data to their photos, adding an extra layer of richness to the site’s folksonomic tradition. Besides, what’s content without a little context?
Flickr uses the geodata engine within Yahoo maps to add geotags to photos. Users can define privacy settings for their geotags (maybe to discourage the stalkerazzi?) and they can add geotags to individual photos, selected photos or entire photo sets. The
has a round up of all the new geodata features.
To add location information to your Flickr photos, go into the Organizr and click on the “Map” tab. After setting your privacy options, you can add place data to your pictures by simply dragging them onto the map. Everything’s Ajax driven and the tags are updated immediately.

Sounds like a nifty idea and I’ll be geotagging some of my pics to mess around. But I can’t really see it being that great a feature. The best news though is that Yahoo is still investing in Flickr, rather than just ripping out the tech and plugging it into Yahoo Photo.

Update: Well, I’ve had a go and it’s actually quite a fun feature seeing your images on a map. See .

Note though that I’ve made the geotagging visible only to contacts, so you’ll need to be logged in to see them. The maps are a little anglo-centric which is annoying for the tagging of all my holiday snaps, but I think I’ll persevere.