Resident Evil 4, Rodin and Gaiman

A chilled out weekend that began with a few hours of playing on the PS2, acquired by trading in some of my older games that I don’t play anymore.

RE4 is slightly less horror and slightly more FPS than previous incarnations, but I think it does so well. The interface seems slicker, there’s less really annoying, pointless puzzles and more story. I’m actually interested in what happens next. So I can see myself keeping myself amused with this in the odd moments of spare time.

On Sunday penny and I went to see the at the Royal Academy of Arts, which we enjoyed immensely. My favourite piece was the , rather than the more well-known piece, .

Monday, yesterday, Penny had a busy day. She had her first introductory driving lesson, a preliminary to her intensive course starting soon, and then went in to London in the evening. The purpose of her visit was to go to see Neil Gaiman announce, talk about, read from and sign his new book, . Apparently she enjoyed it immensely.