Sony delays PS3 in Europe – Noooooooooo!

The Sony press release says it all rather concisely: ‘Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces New March 2007 date for European Launch of Playstation 3.”

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced that it would revise the launch date of its Playstation 3 computer entertainment system in the PAL territories of Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Australasia from 17th November 2006, as previously announced to March 2007.


Update: Now they’re :
Sony is to cut the Japanese cost of its forthcoming PlayStation 3 console by 20%.
The price for the North American and European launch will stay the same.

To be fair though, an XBOX 360 with the new HD-DVD add-on will cost exactly the same as the non-Japanese PS3. This is all just a tactic to try and stop MS garnering any significant chunk of the crucial JP market.
But still…
I want my PS3 now!