Test post for new Blogger features

So I finally got converted to the over the weekend. Hurrah!

So I’ve converted my , which is now much easier to edit and move things around in (though the editor is still a bit, well… beta). And I’ve started my posts and stuck a tag listing down the side. I wish they’d make it a like in del.icio.us, rather than a list, which would save some page space.

And this test post is just to check the posting from to the Blogger Beta.
Watch this space!

Right… Writely does not support blogging to the Blogger Beta yet, which is a shame. It also still does not support the ‘rel’ tag in links for declaring them as embedded tags.
Posting from Blogger though is very, very much fast now. The dynamic posting means you don’t have to wait for HTML to be published, which is nice.