"Gaming Industry Innovators" CCP and White Wolf to Merge

Now this was a bizarre announcement. Here the .

In brief, , the creators of , have merged with which will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCP.

What does this really mean? Well, there’s nothing official out there, but there’s talk of an Eve RPG and either a , or MMORPG. But the truth is that the only people who know aren’t spilling the beans.

Of course that still hasn’t stopped the hivemind of net forums wibbling about Angst: The MMORPG or that one of the companies is the doom of the other (it doesn’t matter which way around).

What will it really mean? In truth I don’t even have any theories on this one, it’s still all too bizarre.

Just found this quote: “The merger will accelerate CCP’s brand development of EVE Online as White Wolf will bring their expertise to the creation of EVE Online strategy guides, collectible card games, role-playing games, novels, and miniatures.”