Is that blood I smell?

So today our American cousins go to the polls for their to decide the balance of power of Congress. Let’s be clear here:
a) It won’t shift very far and b) both sides have already got their scapegoats should they fail to win/retain the majority.

Should the Democrats (or “traitors” according to right-wing mudslinger Ann Coulter) lose they will blame (a survey by Gallup last month showed that only one in four Americans is “very confident” his or her vote will be accurately counted) or the fact that that, by sheer coincidence, the announcement about was made so close to the election.

Should the Grand Old Party (or “corrupt corporate lackeys” according to left-wing mudslinger Michael Moore) lose, they will most likely start by turning on before turning around and blaming the general lack of patriotism.

Whichever way the result goes, expect a huge two year battle for the presidency to kick off by about Monday morning. And it’s going to be an ugly one. There’ll be blood in the water before the primaries.