Manic weekend, e-petitions and yes, because it’s been a while, ID cards

Well my mum is currently staying with us, until she departs tomorrow. It’s been great to have her over, see the place and actually spend a little time with Penny but it’s been pretty draining. We managed to see the exhibition at the V&A too, which was good.

The Government, as part of it’s , has launched an site. The pro-hunt crowd have jumped on this whole-heartedly and have the most signatories so far. In second place we have the ID cards petition.

Now I’m not exactly holding out my hopes here, since I’ve never had much faith in petitions for a start and I would actually venture that online petitions have even less weight as it’s so easy to organise an internet campaign. See, for example, the pro-hunting and their 7000 odd signatories. But what the hell, I’m sure the anti-ID card group can manage more than 2190, surely?