Christmas Parties

Well on Friday I decided not to attend my own Christmas party. Most of my colleagues, with whom I had hoped to socialise, had decided to boycott the event either because it was in London and therefore not local or because it was a Friday and therefore their own time. So rather than turn up at an event where I knew nobody I skipped it and focussed on Penny’s Christmas party on Saturday.

It had a few benefits:
1) I could actually go with Penny. My party didn’t include partners
2) I actually knew some people there, even if only vaguely
3) I got to dress up in evening wear. My do was 80s themed. *shudder*
4) Penny’s do had a rockin’ band. Mine was going to be… 80s music.
5) Let’s be honest here, the eye candy was always going to be better at a travel company than at an IT company!

Getting ready to go out was a lot of fun. Well, it was funny, but only for me. Penny was getting ready at her sister’s place as she was doing her hair. And then the power went out for two hours. Luckily power was not needed for the actual hair styling but it did need to be done by candlelight. Considering the lack of light, I must admit Donna did a spectacular job. Hopefully I can find some pics… My own outfit was simpler, donning a tux in the dark is fairly easy. But there was no way I was going to be able to tie a proper bowtie in the dark, so had to settle for a fake pre-tied one. Oh well.

The event itself was perfectly fine and fairly fun. We left the festivities early-ish but I’m glad we did.