It’s _________ gone mad!

One of my pet hates (other than pet hates) is whenever some commentary in the “news” refers to something or other “gone mad!”. It’s become such a stock phrase that’s wheeled out far too easily and really winds me up. It’s like stock phrases gone mad!

So when Channel 4 announced their this year, I knew it was only a matter of time before the phrase got wheeled out again.

A brief search of BBC News articles of the last year delivers the following cases of something or other “gone mad!”

I daren’t search the archives of the Daily Mail, I’m sure there would far too many references to list! – Bureaucracy

– Bureaucracy again

– Railway naming

– World

– Political correctness

– Political correctness again

– PC yet again!

– Nanny state

No trace so far of anything going mad in relation to the initial story yet, though I feel quite unclean after reading through some of our tabloids’ comments boards.