First cinema film of 2007 – Pursuit of Happyness

And yes I did spell that right… On Sunday, post gaming, Penny and went to see . While at times perhaps a little too slow moving, even considering the subject matter, this tale based on a true story of a man who battles homelessness while struggling to become a stockbroker so he can provide for his family is a touching and uplifting story.

The film is entirely supported by Will Smith’s excellent acting. His portrayal as the lead character makes the whole thing believable. Of course, acting out his relationship with the character’s son wouldn’t have been too hard considering it was performed by his own son who manages to act out the role in quite an endearing way. Thanks the gods that Hollywood seems to be learning to avoid the annoying brat style kids in it’s movies somewhat these days.

All in all, worth watching for Will Smith’s performance but it’s not going to knock the socks off of fans of action thrillers.