Recently I’ve been mostly… gaming

Well I’ve got quite a stack of gaming related blogging to catch up on, so I’ll start with Conception. Last week was of course everybody’s favourite convention, . Unfortunately, we booked late so we ended up squeezing five people into a three bed chalet. One slept on the sofa bed and another on a camp bed. But on the upside, we were close to the main building and had a spectacular see view! Photos soon!

The playing of games was definitely fun. I played two Cthulhu games (one set in the Vietnam war and the other inspired by Lost) and two Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay which were excellent fun. I also played a game of SLA Industries. I had intended to play a freeform LARP or two after my experiences at , I even had some necessary clothes, but in the end it didn’t work out. Maybe next time.

I ran the customary Vampire game at Conception, which bizarrely involved taxidermy, but which also continued my use of Whimsies. “ are a near-universal role-playing accessories originally published by Lion Rampant in conjunction with their innovative and influential game, Ars Magica. This was a deck of cards with plot devices on them. Each player would get one at the beginning of the game, and would play them at some point during the game when it would make the story more interesting (or make the PC’s lives more difficult!). If the GM liked the use of the Whimsy Card, the player might get another one to replace the one she played. Use of Whimsy Cards is always subject to GM approval and/or modification. “
Players seem to enjoy messing with the plot, and each other, and so we’re keeping the Whimsies in.

I also ran a game of Mage the Awakening. I’ve always considered running Mage to be a bit daunting with it’s complex but open spell casting rules and I was never sure how a game of Mage should run. So I created some pregens (and monkey in a parka who throws shapes), threw the characters into London and then got them doing some treasure hunting as per Secrets of the Ruined Temple. I can now say I’m much wiser in the ways of Mage, though I still think the system is open to massive abuse by creative players willing to strain their character’s paradigm to achieve a magical aim. But it was good fun all round.

Some exciting things popping up on the , most specifically Urban Legends in May.

But the most exciting recent release from the mucky pup have been the adventures published as the , which are published as PDF only. So what, you might ask, it’s just another bunch of adventures, right? Right? Well, yes. But no. I must admit, these SAS’s are extremely well put together, masses of background, properly formatted, written in a way that you can split out, move around and otherwise alter the scenes in the module. The storylines are interesting and easy to adapt and fit into your own game. So, very impressed since so far WW’s adventures have never once survived contact with my players. Not once. We’ll see if SAS fares any better.

Gaming is going on a bit of a hiatus now due to work issues, but all that means is that I can do plenty of prep for the next game of Vampire. To degeneration! And beyond!