The Return of… Music

Well, it’s been quite a year so far for music. In terms of listening to music, most of my friends are quite sick of me bleating on about the by now, but I’m not yet tired of them in any way. They are my happy find of 2007. I can’t remember the last time I bought an album that I could just re-listen to again and again.

Lovebox Weekender

July saw Tim accompany me to the second day of the Weekender in Victoria Park. Pictures here.

I saw:

– Who were very interesting and I’ll pick up their album
– Who I enjoyed and have ordered the album of.

I also saw a remote controlled mechanical robot horse.

Tim joined me and we saw:

– Who were so-so and we went elsewhere
– Who were quite good
The B-52s – Who were amusing
– Who kind of had the home crowd advantage, this being their festival, but they really rocked the park. Totally awesome. And when playing live are a whole league above their albums.

Reading Festival

Then just last weekend I accompanied Penny to the last day of the . Pictures here.

We saw:

Funeral for a friend – Who were okay, but not really my thing.
Fall Out Boy – Who were quite entertaining, fun to watch and, because “it sucks going to festivals and not knowing all the words”, peppered their set with covers of “Beat it”, “The Power of Love” and others.
Lost Prophets – Who were very good indeed, particularly in their mastery of the crowd. The swirling vortex of running, dancing and moshing was intense and did, as predicted, swallow up all around it, including us. It was lead singer Ian Watkins’ goal “to have Trevor MacDonald report that Lost Prophets got the whole crowd jumping at Reading”. I didn’t catch the news, but the statement was certainly true; an ocean of people jumping up and down liked crazed pogo stick testers.
NIN – Who performed excellently and it was nice to hear a couple of the tracks that I liked but were a bit heavy for me.

We also saw .

Crowdsurfing can be dangerous to you and others

Then Penny and I split. I went to see:

– Who were an accident as I was just trying to get into the tent early and their set was running late. But what I heard I liked. Thankfully Tim has lent me their first album.
The Klaxons – Hurrah! Considering that when I agreed to go to Reading I had never heard of them, never mind knew they were playing, this was a result! The tent was insane. It was rammed to the gills, the roar of the crowd was deafening and everyone was jumping. Well, apart from lead singer Jamie Reynolds who was there in his crutches due to a fractured ankle.

Penny saw:

– First the good: The old tracks that Penny loved were still good. The bad has been reported by , but Penny tells me they tamed down the quotes a fair bit. Let’s just say that did not achieve rapport with the crowd, he was in no way complimentary of his female fans and somehow believed that saying “See – isn’t it great to be alternative – You can say all those things” would get him out of it.