The Return of the Blog

Yes, I’m back! Or at least I intend to be, we’ll see how it goes, etc.

There were two things that caused me to cease blogging. The first, as ever, was work but this is now starting to settle down. The other was . It’s not that I got distracted by it, but the fact that I linked my blog feed to it’s Notes feed, which meant everyone on my friends list could see my blogging. Unfortunately this made me feel quite uncomfortable about blogging. After all, Facebook “friends” could be anyone. Colleagues, people you went to school with over a decade ago, random people you meet at parties or weddings… Did I really want all these people to know my thoughts?

And by that time the momentum had been lost, many events had gone unblogged and catching up seemed a momentous task. But now it’s time to begin afresh, unhooked from Facebook. And, whether he excuses or not, I intend to borrow a conceit from and his Way. My catchup posts with all be titled The Return of…

Onwards! To the blogosphere and beyond!

Afterthought: Was this extended sojourn fated, considering the previous blog post is 28 Weeks Later?