Iron Man

So we saw Iron Man at the weekend, a nice gentle end to the stag weekend in Bristol before we all had to go on our journeys. I’ll get straight to the point: Despite my initial reservations (It’s Marvel) I really enjoyed it and rate it… Must watch.

It was funny, it worked visually and musically and Robert Downey Jr. pulled it off marvellously. Marvel must be pleased with their first release where they’ve had full creative rights throughout the process and have already signed up all the cast for two sequels with the next one slated for 2010. Stark will also make a brief appearance in The Incredible Hulk.

I originally thought that Marvel would end up shooting Ultimate Iron Man, after all, one reboot should lead into another. Oh no. I read through a copy of UIM in Waterstones on Sunday and it is god-awful. No, instead large reams of plotting are sourced from Warren Ellis’ reboot, Iron Man: Extremis which actually looks quite good.

Slowly but steadily I’m discovering the occasional thoroughbred in Marvels stable, which I still believe mostly consists of nags.