Kev’s Stag Do

Regardless what the shifty Ferret said, I’m not going to post up my impression of the stag weekend, since it’s pretty much covered in his blog post. Instead, I have the following thanks:

  • Thanks to the groom for playing along with good humour and for being the cause for the stag do.
  • Thanks to the bride letting the groom off the leash one last time.
  • Thanks to the best man for organising the stag do.
  • Thanks to the owl man for collecting random tat as souvenirs.
  • Thanks to T for going further than he thought he could.
  • Thanks to M for moving our drinking up a gear with his lethal drinking games.
  • Thanks to A, R and D for their enthusiasm and good laughs.
  • And a very special thanks to the girls in togas.

I’ve already started working throough the photos from Friday and will hopefully will have them ready later this week. You guys are actually in some of them!