It’s time to plug other people’s events and stuff.

First off, Rhea is selling one of her pieces on Ebay.

In her words: This is a dream-like representation of an African landscape, 2007. My perception begins with layers. I want to see everything at the same time, everything hidden alongside all that is revealed, naked to my gaze. I want to see all the connections and comprehend them. View the world like a tapestry, with many scenes occupying a flat space to be studied at leisure. The world itself, though, is displayed in many layers that occupy space after space, as far as the eye can see. Yet within each of these layers possibilities are both hidden and revealed. Background planes are obscured from view and negative spaces provide windows to the layer beyond.

Her profile on MyArtSpace.

Next up, a perennial favourite, Monkey is doing his live event in Camden on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at Folkadot at The Green Note.  In his words:

My favourite night are having me back!
The Green Note is a lovely little cafe/restaurant/venue/place/thing just up the road from the Jazz Cafe in lovely old camden town. I read there a few months ago and they were great, the venue was lovely and the audience enjoyed it, which is always a plus…
So I’m delighted to be going back , and I would love to take a few of you with me..
If the set-up is the same as last time, I will be reading in between acts, which will be chilled acoustic sensitive types.
Come down, have some veggie tapas, a pint of organic Freedom beer, a nice mid-week sit down soaking up the tunes and then a little giggle at me.
Tell ’em Vinnie sent ya…