Lovebox Weekender 2008

Backlog-tastic! I’d better get this down before it all leaves my tired and dessicated brain. Recently, Penny, Tim and I headed to one day of the Lovebox Weekender. The main reasons for me were a good time there with Tim the year before and I really wanted to see Goldfrapp live, after missing them do the Royal Albert Hall not once, but twice. So, here’s what we saw:

Sebastien Tellier, who couldn’t be more French if he tried. Imagine a one-man, bisexual, smoking, long-haired, bearded, disco Daft Punk and you kind of get the idea. Musically, I wasn’t really that enthused, but he certainly was compelling to watch. He is known for causing controversy this year for entering the first English language entry for France into the Eurovision song contest. There’s a wonderful quote by him: Mr Tellier, whose album is called Sexuality, defended his choice, saying he needed to use the English language to achieve his artistic goals. “To explain the vision of French people of sexuality and of life and so, to be understood, I need to sing in English,” he said.

There was then a bit of a gap for food (excellent) and exploring, following by the folk sounds of Rachel Unthank and the Winterset, a Geordie folk singer, her sister and band. They were quite good, from my perspective. Tim, who is more folk-tolerant than I, was moved to tears and Penny bought their album, so there you go.

Next was one of my choices, the very young, Australian band, Operator Please who rocked the tent with their music that Tim described as “The B52s meet the Levellers, which souldn’t work, but does”. I’ve been listening to their album a fair bit.

Next up, Penny split off to see the Dandy Warhols, who she didn’t enjoy live, and Tim and I went to see Goldfrapp perform. It was a great performance, though it must be said that the new album didn’t work as well live as the older material. The dancers kept the crowd interested though, using a maypole¬† for a pole-dancing routine; a logical extension of use, if you ask me. Very glad I saw them live, though I still think they’d have been better in the Royal Albert Hall. And yes, I’m still bitter.

Finally, we bopped along to the mixed up frenetics that are The Go! Team, which was fun and a perfect, upbeat way to end our day in Victoria Park.