Twitter ate my Reading

Shame the last few “tweets” (don’t ask, I didn’t invent the ridiculous term) didn’t really come through yesterday. But, due to someone dropping out I got to go to the Reading Festival after all, and got to see:

  • Hadouken!
  • Feeder
  • Johnny Foreigner
  • Feeder
  • Tenacious D
  • Last of the Shadow Puppets
  • CSS
  • Metallica.

It was quite a good day, despite me still not feeling 100%. Highlights were:

  • Hadouken! were quite good, got the crowd moving
  • Best time jumping up and down in a crowded tent went to CSS
  • Best song went to Metallica doing ‘Enter Sandman’. I didn’t see all of Metallica, since I’m not a hardcore metaller, but what I saw was good
  • Feeder rocked, really great show.

Of course this means we now have two days worth of chores to do in one day… Oops.