scans_daily: Pilot Season – vote for Genius

Pilot Season – vote for Genius

“Pilot Season” is a Top Cow competition in which six one-shot comics compete for the right to be “greenlit”. Readers are able to vote online, and the two highest votegetters will become an ongoing series.

scans_daily: Pilot Season – vote for Genius.

I discovered this on Warren Ellis’ blog and as he says:

[T]he idea is so simple and crystal that I could spit.Every generation has its own naturally gifted brilliant military mind. Some people just have a genius for military thinking. What if this generation’s natural military genius was a seventeen-year-old girl living the gang life in the middle of South Central LA? And what if she had, since she was old enough to fuck shit up, been connecting people and laying plans for the only war she’d ever want to wage?

Next: an extraordinarily large pile of dead LAPD.