Cultural Weekend

Okay, so this post is a few weeks late, but what can you do? In theory my new iPhone should mean I blog more often but if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge that I’m willing to let you have cheap…

Anyway, a few weekends ago Penny and I went to see Wicked, unusual for me since musicals aren’t really my bag. Mostly I’m with Mark, who wondered why people liked weak plot, bad acting and bad singing, unless it was for the convenience of having all three under one roof. I say mostly because, even though I too prefer straight theatre, Wicked was excellent. This was mostly due to the, for once, strong plot derived from the same-titled book about a different perspective on the wicked witch in the land of Oz. I’ll most likely pick up the book at some point.

The other event of the weekend was to see Vinnie Gibbons, bastard attack poet, in action in Angel. It was my first time at the evening of an ‘arts collective’ and for the acts ranged from dire, through okay and into good, depending on the performer. Vinnie’s act was excellent, which was as much due to the performance as the words. Others presented crimes against the spoken and written word,