Way of the Wreckferret: Hallowhine

Way of the Wreckferret: Hallowhine.


Halloween is always a fun time for me ever since, as a child, I dressed up as Darth Vader three years on the trot to terrorise the neighbourhood (“Give me sweets or the Dark Side of the Force will crush you!”). But I’ve never been on the receiving end of the whole Halloween experience, sitting indoors waiting for little monsters to knock on the door, demanding sugary sweets. I’m not counting Hull, where we had uncostumed youths knocking on the door a week before Halloween demanding cash. 

So, this was to be the first year of proper “traditional” Halloween. (I don’t care whether it came from America, the Moon or anywhere else. As far as I’m concerned, Samhain is a different kettle of fish entirely.) But I approached the whole thing with some trepidation, since there are some unsavoury youths in our area. But it turns out that the local youth centre ships out the local teens and tweens to Thorpe Park on Halloween. Combining that with the fact that the small army of parents and their charges only seemed to knock on doors of people they knew, turnout ended up being very small. One fairy (shy), a witch (green) and a werewolf (grrr-ing) was the total count and now my colleagues are feasting on sugary treats of the leftovers.

So I’m glad it was a gradual start to the whole “kids knocking on the door” Halloween experience and there was no problems. Perhaps next year though the local paranoia can be assuaged somewhat and we may even have more little monsters knocking on the door.

As for other Halloween activities, Penny and I carved pumpkins (photos soon) and watched E4’s ‘Dead Set’, it’s Dawn of the Dead/Big Brother zombie feature. We’d recorded all five episodes and watched the lot in one go. Not bad, if derivative and badly paced. But fun enough. We’ll have to watch Dog Soldiers another night.