Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

  • I can feel my brain fizzing into life once more. Feed me brain juice, now! #
  • Now, what do I focus on? The myth of Stalin or the perils of the DNABoost technology? Combining both may be classed thoughtcrime. #
  • Foiled by my nemesis, that villain who goes by the name ‘Actually having to do some work’. I shake my fist at you with much cursing! #
  • Powercuts are not my friend, they are the enemy. Those responsible must be hunted down and made to answer for their negligence. #
  • And because misery loves company, all I can do until power is restored is tweet. I’m sorry. #
  • This is what the electricity-free apocalypse will look like. IT people wandering aimlessly, wondering how long their Blackberries will last. #
  • How long before we turn feral, feasting on the flesh of the slowest moving of the tribe… Java programmers. #
  • I knew I should have bought a Power Monkey. No, not you @vinniegibbons ! #
  • Power has been restored, if only to end my incessant twittering. #