Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

  • Found the following RT in my Favourites and totally being worked into my Stalin assignment! #
  • RT @jessnevins: Circus clowns ordered [by Stalin] to shed their “bourgeois decadence” and “cosmopolitan internationalism.” #
  • I wouldn’t normally link to the Telegraph, but… #streetview #
  • RT @sparkletone: Hilarious short film. #
  • Forget a one hour powercut, what happens when the whole electrical infrastructure gets friend in 2012? #
  • Friend? No! Solar storms are not your friend! I meant ‘fried’ of course. #
  • I think it’d make a great novel though, ala ‘World War Z’ just, you know, without zombies. #
  • Which suddenly seems to inherently fail. Everything is better with zombies. #