Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

  • RT @hamishreporter: interesting protest map here for #g20: #
  • I have a meeting in the City today, so after yesterdays dressing up, I’ve been warned to dress down for fear of the evil #G20 protesters. #
  • A note to my fellow commuters, worried about #G20 protesters. Stuffing your tie into your suit jacket pocket doesn’t make you incognito. #
  • None of my associates seem to think the #G20 protests have anything to do with them. It’s all talk of “crusties” and “trouble-makers”. #
  • RT @stopsatgreen: City workers are waving £10 notes at #G20 protestors; Welcome to planet “we don’t get why people are upset”. #
  • Have left meeting and attempting to circumnavigate the security cordon. Photos later. #
  • Have seen multiple groups enagaged in seditious acts of ‘sitting around, enjoying the sunshine’. #
  • Ooh, Wired Magazine UK is out! Gimme! #