Twitter Updates for 2009-07-23

  • RT @DrSamuelJohnson: I await the Govt.'s #SwineFlu Hotline, whereby Hystericks can procure Patent-Medicine thro' BESEECHING & LYING #
  • Came back from lunch to find my appraisal report in my inbox. Shockingly positive, but apparently I need "to sell myself more". #
  • So true. I can't count how many times I've been described as excessively humble and self deprecating, despite my many positive attributes. #
  • Look at the time, it's beer o'clock! #
  • Next week my boss, but not The Boss, is going to "the Christian Glastonbury". #
  • Missed my stop, rather embaressingly. I'll probably blame it on the train though. #
  • May have been day-dreaming about a different life where I'm writing stuff down for cold, hard cash. #
  • Weird day, weird night, nearly home. I understand Jenny a lot better though. #