Twitter Updates for 2009-09-22

  • Going to the Farnham office today for the first time, and hopefully the last. It feels weird going away from London in the morning. #
  • Why this office is rubbish: Not London, bad coffee, tiny, boss can see my screen so might have to do some work. #
  • Watching the French clearing the migrant camp is giving me flashbacks to District 9. #
  • After all my tedious bitching, it's back to London for me. #
  • Dear competitors: Thank you for leaving your entire rival bid proposal on a shared drive in my office, it's very much appreciated. #
  • Things I wish I could un-know: a (male) friend is considering a career in porn. Apparently it will be easy money and comes with "benefits". #
  • Bizarre night of highs and lows, consisting of friends, weirdness, recriminations and bullshit. Feel so very tired. #