Twitter Updates for 2009-11-21

  • So hungry! So much to do this morning! So unlikely to do anything other than eat food and drink coffee! #
  • Okay, I've done everything I need to. Time to make myself look presentable and turn up early to the pub. #
  • Either a gigantic Rottweiler on the train is playing 'peek-a-boo' with me or I shouldn't have licked that toad. #
  • The lack of a functioning Jubilee line is keeping me from my much-deserved beer and bacon roll. Curse you, Boris! #
  • The DLR without cosplayers feels a bit mundane. But you never heard me say it. #
  • RT @big_ben_clock: BONG #
  • Mission Accomplished! @magpiemoth has invaded Tie Rack. #