Twitter Updates for 2009-12-24

  • Ye gods it feels like hell getting up at this time on Christmas Eve, but I'm determined to catch the #Eurostar for my @little_break. #
  • The #Eurostar queue is so long, so full of bitter determination, you'd think they were giving away sausage and egg muffins. #
  • Free croissants as a mini bribe from #Eurostar. It seems my good spirits can be bought after all. #
  • I'm in! A ticket for an 11am #Eurostar train is mine after 1.5 hours of queue. #
  • Am now safely ensconced at the home of my parents. Bizarrely, Zeeland is covered in snow. Traveling here only took a mere 11 hours… #
  • Unless I find my parents' wifi security key, there'll be next to no tweeting from me for the next days, so a preemptive Merry Christmas! #