Twitter Updates for 2009-12-30

  • 10% of the way through Draft 0 of OU short story, powered by Peruvian coffee and Sigur Ros. Will finish today but will need serious editing. #
  • You know what's wrong with this cup of tea? It's TEA! I was a fool, I don't know what I was thinking! Bring me the mug of DOOM COFFEE! #
  • This man needs promoting, not sacking. #
  • Halfway through wordcount, but two thirds of the way through the story. Oops. Will hopefully sort that in the next draft. #
  • Spillage! Words swimming in beer! Perhaps I was wrong to scorn the humble biro! #
  • And now that draft zero is complete I can have my wooo! #
  • Is it wrong that I found my own ending sad? #
  • Zuchini in Woking, is the worst restaurant ever. Fact. #