Flash Fiction Warm-up

I’ve not been able to do much writing at all over the last week or two, work was successfully pummelling me into submission. The next week or two is likely to be similar, but I managed to snatch a window of time on Sunday to have a go at Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction¬†Challenge: The Three Sentence Story. These are what I came up with:


Amelia’s parents chose her name to represent passion and individuality. She grew up as they hoped, strong, independent and headstrong. So much so that she resented the imposition of someone else’s moniker and changed her name to Doris.

Jeff felt physically sick at the thought of eating the meal his girlfriend had cooked for him. No amount of marinading and preparation could disguise the fact that she had served him lamb. It always reminded him of the time a sheep had touched him inappropriately as a child.

The wall around the city served both to keep the residents inside and the rest of the world without. The wall-builders had not thought, though, to build a roof over the prison. The inmates flew free and proud like Icarus.

I eyed up the magnificent woman before me dressed in the floor length dress. She clearly resented the imposition of my gaze and what it meant. But I knew the dress concealed her insectile limbs.