Building Momentum

Well, we’re starting to get somewhere. I’ve made my 50 Kisses submissions, draft three being as far as I was willing or able to iterate. If you haven’t submitted yet, but want to, the deadline is Friday the 29th of June.

I’m also working on a Chuck Wendig’s 1000 word flash fiction challenge ‘That’s My New Band Name‘, which I intend to set in the same universe as my WIP TV screenplay to hopefully resurrect that project.

On a different note, on the occasion of Sorkin’s News Room being released, Flavorwire wrote TV’s All-Time Greatest Writers, an interesting read which tells me that I’ve been missing out on some well-written shows. Sadly, since that point in time, poor reviews of The News Room have been piling one atop the other, perhaps best encapsulated by Warren Ellis.


For some reason this post vanished when I upgraded WordPress. Since that point I failed to submit the flash fiction to Chuck Wendig’s blog, but I still aim to finish it. My first draft read more like a plot outline than a story, so will need a total re-write.