Update of the Metal Prometheus

For someone who claims to be a writer, there really hasn’t been much writing happening recently. I could assemble all manner of different, almost plausible sounding excuses, but excuses they would remain. One of those excuses was spending six days, if you include travelling and recovery days, at Download festival, a celebration of metal and hard rock. While I may not have been writing throughout the event, at the very least I did write a review of Download in two parts. It wasn’t initially supposed to be for publication, filled as it was with more snark than praise and written mostly for entertainment, but it went public nonetheless. The pitchfork wielding masses have not yet found their way to my door.

The other thing I’ve been doing is I went to the cinema, to see the long-awaited, much-anticipated, heavily hyped Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s prequel to Alien. The trailers had me interested, the teasers had me on tenterhooks and the buzz had me on the edge of my seat. The finished movie though, had me suspending my suspension of disbelief pretty rapidly. It was a disaster zone of poor characterisation and bizarre plot choices, and once I’m no longer immersed in a movie, I can no longer fail to tear at it critically. I won’t detail all the issues I had with Prometheus here, but Julian Sanchez covered the flaws well from a filmic angle, while Chuck Wendig covered it well from a writing angle.

So, what’s next? Another short-lived promise to try to write every day? Maybe. I seem to go through this cycle every few months and I feel terribly guilty every time it happens. I then write a blog post, not unlike this one in fact, promise to buck up my ideas and get some writing done, eventually I even actually do some writing… until the cycle begins anew. Surely there must be a way of breaking that cycle of frenzied activity and utter lethargy, ideally without quitting work and putting my mortgage in the hands of the capricious gods. I do want to write, I enjoy it immensely, I just wish it came easier to me. But, then, I’m fairly sure there isn’t a creator out there, regardless of medium, who doesn’t feel the same way.