For some November means growing facial hair for charity. Amongst the writing community though, November means National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. They will slave every day to try to hit the month’s target of 50,000 words to, hopefully, end up with a novel. I’ve had my own attempts, all aborted, in the past and I wish all participants the very best of luck. But I won’t be taking part this year. Instead, I’m going to try to stick to my own meagre daily writing targets. Every month since I instigated these targets I’ve hit them less and less frequently. In August I only missed three days, allowing for catch-ups. In September I missed 10 days. In October? I missed 21 days of writing. That is inexcusable, considering how low these targets are. Take a look. To qualify each day, all I need to produce is one of these at minimum:

  • 2 Script Pages
  • 200 words prose
  • 200 words outline
  • 200 words background
  • 200 words journal
  • 1/2 hour editing
  • 1 blogpost

If I miss a day, I can make it up another day, but the goal for this month is to end up with no missed quota. And with this blogpost, that’s day one dealt with already.