Looking back at 2012 / Looking forward to 2013

How was writing for me in 2012? Let me put it this way, I started this draft two weeks ago and have hardly scratched out a word since. But rather than berate myself, I shall bludgeon my way out of this funk. I have a feeling 2013 will be a very good year.

For a start, I still have my rejection letters from the BBC and Channel 4 to look forward to, for their scriptwriting competitions. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that negatively. But while I have some faith in my writing, or at least its potential, I don’t think I’m there yet. A rejection letter would allow me to finally bury the script I keep sending out to these competitions in the hope that the next draft will be the one to succeed. If, when, the script is rejected by both the BBC and Channel 4, I will have some closure on it and will focus my efforts on newer, fresher, better work.

I have three primary projects left over from last year. One of these requires no further input from me, as it is a comic script for a one page portfolio comic which is still with an artist who assures me the project is not yet dead. My primary focus will be the pilot episode and series bible for a TV series I’m writing. I cruelly left it hanging last year, despite all manner of encouragement and excitement about the project. It is time to finish it and polish it to a mirror-like finish, if darkly. The aim is to finish for the end of BBC’s Spring submission window at the end of March. Finally, there is my fun project, a novelette for friends. Writing it is utterly silly and amazing fun, just like it’s intended audience.

So, writing goal for 2013? Exactly the same as the goal for 2012, get something published, but not self-published and not on a website. Wish me luck! Again!