Anatomy of a Party

A bit of a departure from my regular posts this morning. Last weekend I threw a party for a friend, themed around a 1920’s Speak Easy; an opportunity for people to meet up, get dressed up and get a little bit messed up.

Obviously there were two important components to start with: A 1920’s Playlist on Spotify and a Cocktail Menu. One thing I learned a little too late about cocktails at parties: Make big jugs of cocktails, and limit the cocktails like the Old Fashioned that take ages to make properly and need to be made one at a time, unless you never want to leave the bar all night! Saying that though, the Old Fashioneds were delicious, so it might be hard to keep to that rule!

To get everyone in the spirit of things, I adapted the rules of the party game Mafia to the setting of a speak easy and came up Prohibition! Sadly we only got to play one round through, but in future I can always wheel out the Christmas-themed version I wrote!

After the end of the game, to accompany a lot more drinks and perhaps not enough food, it was time for a more generic party playlist, again on Spotify. This then kept us entertained until the musical butchery of late-night, drunken Rock Band ensued!