Comics: September 2013 Pull List

Following up on my August Pull List, I’ve managed to learn my lesson and wait until the end of the month to post September’s haul from Comixology:

Young Avengers #9 and #10 – While Gillen and McKelvie’s YA has been consistently excellent, #9 was a little disappointing, if I’m honest. There wasn’t anything wrong, there just didn’t seem to be anything outstanding; no stunning McKelvie double-page spread, no jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Solid, necessary, but somewhat workmanlike.

The follow-up issue though, that was a return to form. This time not for its action-packed double page spreads, so artfully constructed by Jamie McKelvie, but for its subtext, its plot implications. Oh Loki…

Thor: God of Thunder #12 – I’d been recommended Jason Aaron and Nic Klein’s series before, but issue 12 involves a mopping up of the previously concluded storyline, an overview of Thor through the ages dealing with the aftermath of a grueling trial. It was sold to me as an excellent jumping on point to the series. Sadly, while the art was good, the story left me utterly cold.

Lazarus #3 – This post apocalyptic tale of corporate greed continues its metamorphosis into a tale of inter- and intra-family conflict of Shakespearean proportions. Rucka’s story goes from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the first arc next month.

Saga #14 – Beautiful, in all it’s parts. Three strands of narrative keep this family… saga… high in the ranks of excellence: The dialogue and main plot, the captioned voice-overs wryly alluding to the greater story, and Fiona Staples’ wonderful visual narrative.

I would have liked to have been able to add Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country, soon to be made into a movie with Ellen Page, or Gillen’s Über, but sadly they’re not available on Comixology.

Update: Über is now available on Comixology!