Underworld Calling selected for Actors Table Read

I was already looking forward to the London Screenwriter’s Festival, and I’ve already had some encouraging feedback on the script I’ve been working on for some time. But all of that pales compared to what lies ahead of me: My script excerpt, from the same piece that placed in the ScriptAngel competition, has been chosen to be performed as part of an Actors Table Read at the festival. Three actors, together with a director, will be performing 4 minutes of my script.

Obviously the key benefit is seeing how the lines sound when read out loud, getting a feel for the flow of dialogue and seeing what interpretation the actors and director find that I might not have noticed. But what really excites me? Hearing dialogue performed, out loud, by real actors; dialogue I wrote, squirreled away in my room, hunched over a laptop in pubs and cafés, or crushed on a train. Feeling the words, seeing the characters escape from the page.

Writing can be an isolated experience; it doesn’t matter if you like to write in public, as I sometimes do; it doesn’t matter if you have an amazing cheerleader, a copy editor, a muse. At the end of the day, the process of writing is a solitary one, a direct link from the writer’s mind to the chosen receptacle, be it laptop, back of a cigarette packet or a fine notebook.  So to have your creations escape said receptacle, emerge blinking into the world and speak with their own variation of the writer’s voice, that’s a special moment.

And finally, now revealed to all via the LSF’s results page, the working title of the feature film I’m writing: Underworld Calling.