Comics: October 2013 Pull List

Savage Wolverine #9 – I’m not generally a Wolverine reader, but I picked this up entirely on the strength of the cover. Artist Jock also handles the writing duties on this brand new arc that see Logan on an alien planet and having to survive there while trying to figure out where ‘there’ is. I think this first issue could have done with some more pages, to really establish the premise and showcase Jock’s art, but it’s an interesting start. I’ll likely pick up the next one just to see where it goes.

Young Avengers #11 – Still fun, still enjoyable, but I’m starting to worry that it’s becoming increasingly less about the story and more about the set pieces and fan service. By which I mean Less-Young Loki.

Lazarus #4 – Sadly an unsatisfying conclusion to the first arc. A brawl, an early reveal of a further conspiracy and the rest was all mop-up. It just didn’t make much of an impact.

Sex Criminals – Fun, bold, funny and unique. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky tell a tale of a girl who can stop time when she has sex. And what better use to put this ability to than robbing banks? Issue 1 is all backstory, but with lovely art and clever narration and witty dialogue. I was really looking forward to issue 2, but imagine my surprise when once again in the history of Comixology, a comic wasn’t available in the Apple store due to sexual content. I don’t know whether this is due to Apple or Comixology or some twisted combination of them both, like when Saga was pulled from the store, nor do I care. I’m an adult and I’d quite like to read what I want to read. Anyway, rant over. Anyway, finally I managed to get to it, and you know what? It was totally worth it. And I have no idea why issue two should be ‘banned’ over and above issue 1.

Three #1 – You know what makes Kieron Gillen sigh? Having his comic about Sparta compared to Frank Miller’s 300. You know what Three’s a lot better than? Yeah…

Saga #15 – Continued excellence and those criminally amazing last-page cliffhangers. I just want this to run and run and run. Only complaint: Needs more Lying Cat, especially after last issue.

The Sandman: Overture #1: It’s so good to be reading Gaiman writing Sandman again, and this is as wonderful as the original volumes. However, beware: Much like so many modern prequels, this only works if you are familiar with the original material, not as a standalone introduction to the series.