Creative Goals of 2014

Icon-Writing-150There’s quite a few things I want to achieve creatively in 2014, but all of them really point to two things: The Whedonian Principle of filling your tanks, and the somewhat pithy goal I gave the London Writers’ Circle: Finish what you fucking start. But, to break that down to something akin a plan of action:

  • London Screenwriters Festival 2014: Attending, obviously, but also meet more people, pitch more often, do some business.
  • Watch one film from my list of Top 50 movies every week.
  • Finish not only the first draft, but also the second draft of Underworld Calling.
  • Attend the theatre or cinema at least once a month and write reviews of what I see.
  • Rework the series outline for Maestro.
  • Read more screenplays.
  • Write a short script that could be performed theatrically for no more than three actors in a single location, or shot cheaply as a short film.