Short: Cinco de Mayo

Similar to SoulMatrix, Cinco de Mayo, written by  Simon Uttley, was recommended to me by a fellow writer, clearly the best way to find new films to watch. Cinco de Mayo was one of the first UK crowdfunded movies, just getting in ahead of Nick Love’s Outlaw, and managing to gather buzz ahead of the social media revolution. You can watch the result on Amazon.

Between the excellent script, director Giles Greenwood, wonderful cinematography and great cast, the end result is a very professional little film. It starts with a simple narration: ‘I promise this is not what it looks like’. And yet despite that, the film surprises all the way through, continually twisting expectations. It starts powerfully and draws you in immediately; and even when we think we know where it’s going to go, there are still more surprises to come.

(I’m purposefully not revealing the turns of this one, as I feel it really deserves experiencing)

In my view, this is a perfect example of a ‘calling card film’, showcasing talent and providing a career launch.