Link: Why Producers Will Not Read Your Script

Icon-Writing-150Writers would prefer a world with fewer gatekeepers, where publishers and producers could be approached with a promising pitch, without having to build relationships with agents etc. first. Well, opportunities like that did, and do, exist but there’s always someone poisoning the well, making things a little worse for everyone else. Some entitled writer who thinks way too highly of themselves. Behold, one such example, a screenwriter who single-handedly ensured that at least one producer will never read an unsolicited script ever again.

Why producers WILL NOT READ YOUR SCRIPT – shocking case study from one exec

Addendum: Half the writers on the internet have commented on this story, but I’d like to point you to the response of The Bitter Script Reader, who not only comments on the writer’s approach, but also give some practical advice on how to make a good impression with your query.

The Bitter Script Reader’s thoughts on “Why Producers Will Not Read Your Script”