Short Film: The First Step

This review is different to previous short film reviews in two ways: Firstly, I was told about it and given an opportunity to watch it by the filmmaker, Daniel Brown. And secondly, as the aim is for it to be shown at film festivals, the full short film isn’t available to watch online yet. However, here’s the trailer:

tfsteaserposterWritten, directed and edited by Kate McMeans and Daniel Brown of Wide Eyed Pictures, The First Step is a seven minute horror short.

It’s a familiar horror tale, the monster living in the cellar of an old house, the young girl being stalked. Sadly, it’s very familiar indeed, and the main shock or surprise of the short was that there was neither shock nor surprise to be had. The narrative was a straight, and well-telegraphed line, from beginning to end.

However, the production values are high, and the acting solid. Particular praise should also be directed towards the construction and portrayal of the monster, a creepy construct with perhaps a reminiscence of The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. Also, the shot down the staircase is well executed and well used.

As an alternative horror short though, I’d like to recommend David Sandberg’s Lights Out, which even on a re-watch still gives me goosebumps!