Back Once Again?

I’ve been blogging for years. In fact, looking back through this site, my first blogpost was in June 2001, when I started writing a travelogue. I did this just to get some satisfaction from my endless travels for work. I started with LiveJournal, then Blogger, and finally ended up here, importing all my old posts. I only had one site (at a time), and I bunged everything in there from random observations to digests of tweets, photos from instagram and twitter, and heavens-know what else. 

Then, I decided that creative work needed a separate blog, focussed on writing and film. I maintained Endless Realms for ages, until it began to languish and eventually got hacked. That creative-focussed site eventually morphed into StoryFactory, though I’ve been lax in updating it. Part of the reason for that was that since becoming a father and returning to fulltime non-creative work, time is short. So, obviously I created another, anonymous blog about fatherhood, London Daddy. Still, due to an absence of time, and not even living in London anymore, even that fell aside. 

I briefly toyed with using Medium, I see journal notes in Evernote and text files and a paper bullet journal. I’m scatter-shot and disfocussed, half the links in this blog are outdated, and I daren’t read any old material. Twenty years ago or so I was not my best self. I’m barely sure I am today, but perhaps a better self.

Anyway, what the whole point of this is, I think it’s time to come back to this, this oldest of blogs. I’ll still try to put adding stuff on LD, creative stuff on SF, but link to it from here. This can be my general repository for all things ephemeral.

What do I have to lose, it’s not like anyone’s reading this? Right? Right?!