It’s a very busy day, so this will have to be brief:

  • Tonight is Lammas, bring on the bread.
  • On top of my current workload and the training of the new student analysts, I now have to train my replacement too. I’m probably expected to do this in my copious spare seconds.
  • As has already been commented upon, the weekend was fun, but a little strange.
  • The Vampire game itself was as chaotic as it could be. I’m hoping that as people get used to their characters that things will settle down. Also, when I go back to my usual Sunday slot, people won’t be completely wasted!
  • My new MP3 player has arrived! Yay! It’s a little plasticy, but it’s still very good in terms of functionality and capacity.
  • I picked up a copy of Ordo Dracul for Vampire the Requiem. Expect a review on EG later in the week.

Hopefully I can make a less stressed post soon, using less bullet points.

Well, after six over-long weeks, it’s time for a gaming weekend again! And this time it’s Vampire! Yay!

I just have to finish waking up, acquire some caffeine and breakfast and then see how early I can get to the pub while still getting everything done that I need to…

Andy, if you’re reading this on the morning of posting, it’s 1pm we meet. As always. And don’t forget your Vampire and WoD books.

Also quite pleased that I’ve found a Valpolicella that you can buy in the UK that doesn’t give me a headache in the morning. Unfortunately, buying it means breaking my more snobbish instincts as it is a Radcliffe’s. Yes, that’s right, it’s Threshers own brand. And it’s surprisingly adequate.

Considering I’m in the process of changing jobs and still need to do some clothes shopping so I actually look presentable in a proper business environment, the last thing I need to do is spend money on something frivolous that I don’t need.

Like this 1Gb MP3 player for £50.

Whoops! Too late!
Well, it is pay day after all…

I’ve strayed away from talking about the ongoing lawsuit against the designers and publishers of Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. Especially as every other blog and every single webcomic seems to be commenting on it right now. But what the hell, the weight of public opinion seems to be behind this one.

For those people who have been living on the moon, gallivanting across the country with visitors or just generally don’t care about video games, here’s the summary for you. The successful newest incarnation of GTA, San Andreas, in which you play a street hood who can start his own gangs, steal cars, shoot people, buy and sell drugs etc. Recently a hacker found that there was actually a sex scene encoded in the game, but you needed to hack the code to unlock it. The result? An outraged public have demanded that the game be raised from a rating of Mature (17 years or older) to Adults Only (18+). The US Senate is debating the depravity of the computer games industry. A granny is suing the company because she bought the game for her 14 year old grandson and is now worried that he may have been corrupted. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk a child seeing computer graphics having sex. For a start it might distract him from killing hookers and stealing cars!

So aside from the fact that this game should be only sold to 17 year olds anyway and you need to breach the End User License Agreement first by hacking the game, the whole collective of the morally indignant is quivering in further indignation that such a repulsive sex scene could be found in a game about being a criminal. Violence and theft are good. Sex is just unacceptable, apparently.

I liked the summary in The Register: So, while US teenagers can, in the words of one Reg reader, “pimp hos, pop a cap in a drug dealer while driving a car stolen at gunpoint”, they may not indulge in sexually explicit acts with their virtual girlfriends because “that threatens the very fabric of American society”.

The IRA has formally ordered an end to its armed campaign and says it will pursue exclusively peaceful means.

Who’d’ve thunk it…

Will it last? Is it real? Will it cause half a dozen angry splinter groups to sprout of the ground, like angry weeds?

Personally, I think much of this is motivated by the desire to not be associated with the other terrorists.

So, as previously covered, Bryce has a new blog and is actually writing heavily on it; And in the same day this is announced, Andy updates his blog not once, but twice! And in one of them declares that he ate and somewhat enjoyed eating fish!

Now, I can’t account for why Andy’s much-prized hatred seems to be evaporating in the sun, but as for all the dedicated blogging going on, either I’m living in a twisted Bizarro world or it was all Andy’s doing. That’s right, Andy telling everyone that they hadn’t read his blog (that he had told few people about) has actually generated a flurry of activity that even he has been infected by. Andy, the trendsetter and muse? Maybe it is Bizarro world after all… – This is the kind of story you tend to find on hoax sites – Corporate whores! – More tongue in cheek than a man with toothache

In other news, Bryce has a brand new and shiny blog! Check out the links on the sidebar. He’s already aiming for the prize of World’s Longest Blog Entries. But does he have the stamina to succeed? Will the Way of the Wreckferret give him suitable endurance? Will he figure out how to enable comments on his blog? Only time will tell.

I may need caffeine. I also may need to not eat KFC food late at night, because I’m sure that was to blame for dreaming about discounts in Co-op. I can’t remember my dreams for months at a time and one of the first I do remember is about discounts at a local supermarket? Who’s great idea was that?

I finally found out why I can’t access EG from work for periods of time. It appears they have an block in place, where if you try to FTP to an non-coroporate site, they block the entire site on all ports. Sneaky. It’s still annoying, but you have to admire the inventiveness.

Anyway I suppose I’d better caffeinate myself and then tell some people that this blog actually exists. A blog without readers is like wanking, but even less gratifying.